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Inflation and Geopolitical Black Swan Risks and Opportunities Webinar

Webinar Key Takeaways:

  1. We have entered an inflationary environment that rewards an inflation-oriented investment posture.
  2. Inflation is out of control and interest rates are rising.
  3. Interest rates are artificially depressed due to Federal Reserve accommodative policies since 2009 of abnormally low Fed Funds rates and $9 trillion in asset purchases.
  4. This cycle should last 7 to 16 years and reward commodity-oriented strategies while punishing long-duration assets like bonds and technology stocks.
  5. From 1999 to 2008, an inflationary cycle, the XLE energy ETF returned a 22% compounded annual return “CAGR” while the QQQ Tech ETF returned -3.157% CAGR.
  6. During 2009-2022, a deflationary cycle, the QQQ returned 20% CAGR and the XLE returned 3.68%.

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How Today’s Spiking Inflation Could Impact You.

October 2021 Market Overview

Rising Commodities, Interest Rates, Inflation and  Market Opportunities

Click here to download the presentation PDF: 2021 October 14 IGA Call

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